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Jornal do Brasil review of TOoL
Dear all,

Two weeks ago, Jornal do Brazil newspaper published my review of The
original of Laura (please, check
PDF file for the Brazilian Portuguese version, or
Googled English translation).It's a review made with passion and
patience; dedicated and slow.

I've been rewarded by reading (lovingly) this gentle masterpiece. Thanks to
Dmitri for taking the right decision. The hypertextual labyrinth of Laura
proves the relevance (more than ever) of Nabokov's art. Online reading
(Kindles, Nooks, Google Editions etc) will provide, I'm sure, even more new

Also, as a Brazilian author, I think it's very important to thank, once
again, my dear friend Brian Boyd for his magnificent
Brazilian Academy of Letters, last September, approaching the works of
Vladimir Nabokov and Machado de Assis, and helping us to spread the word (
here <> and
about Nabokov's works in Brazil.

A happy new year to you all.

Best regards,
C. S. Soares
Author | Technologist
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