Characters in Nabokov's works

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Ada Veen: see Veen, Ada

Ardalion: professed painter, cousin of Lydia, Despair

Belochkin, Dr. Yakov: pediatrician from Pre-Soviet Russia, treats Pnin in his childhood during a fever, Pnin

Belochkin, Mira: daughter of Dr. Yakov (see above), Pnin's early sweetheart, put to death in Buchenwald, Pnin

Bliss, Betty: graduate student at Comparative Literature, "soft thorn in Pnin's flesh", Pnin

Blorenge, Leonard: Head of French Dept. at Waindell, schoolmate of President Poore, Pnin

Bogolepov, Liza: psychotherapist, emigre poet, ex-wife of Pnin, Eric Wind, Pnin

Boke, Sr.: professor of history, Lance's father, specialist of medieval times, Lance

Bubendorf, Franz: Dreyer's nephew, lover of his wife, comes to Berlin to work in his uncle's firm, KQK

Chamar, Armande: Hugh Person's wife, has a lot of affairs, one of the narrators, TT

Clementses, Laurence, Joan and Isabel: Laurence as Professor of Philosophy at Waindell, Joan as his affectionate wife, have Pnin as a lodger in their house, their daughter Isabel who is married and whose room Pnin occupies, Pnin

Cockerells, Jack and Gwen: Jack as Head of English Dept. at Waindell College, "emulates Timofey to perfection", Gwen as his wife, Pnin

Denny: biologist, astronaut, friend of Lance, Lance

Dreyer, Kurt: prosperous businessman, has several firms under ownership, husband of Martha, maternal uncle of Franz, KQK

Dreyer, Martha: wife of Kurt Dreyer, lover of her husband's nephew, KQK

Old Enricht alias Menetek-El-Pharsin: Franz's landlord where Franz and Martha have their rendezvous, "famed illusionist and conjurer", counterpart of the Inventor figure (see below), KQK

Felix: vagabond, Hermann's "false double", Despair

Ferdinand: Franco-Hungarian writer, Nina's husband, Spring in Fialta

Hagen, Herman: head of German Dept. at Waindell College, "staunch protector" of Pnin, Pnin

The Inventor: a somewhat sinister figure in the novel staying at the "Montevideo", designs for Dreyer a series of "auto-mannequins" - dummies who move in a life-like way so as to exhibit clothes, counterpart of Enricht (see above), KQK

Ivanov: barber in Berlin, formerly a captain, nickname "Razor", Razor

Karlovich, Hermann: insurance man, wannabe author, Despair

Komarovs, Oleg and Serafima: Oleg as a muralist, at Fine Arts of Waindell, Serafima as his wife, Pnin

Knight, Sebastian: acclaimed novelist, subject of the biography, RLSK

Kruzhevnitsyn, Lavrentiy Ivanovich, Lik: actor, protagonist of Lik

Lancelot, Emery Boke: astronaut, enthusiastic mountain-climber, Lance

Lydia: wife of Hermann, Despair

Luzhin, Aleksandr Ivanovich: Grandmaster, hero of Zashchita Luzhina, Defense

Moser: One of Luzhin's chess opponents (Chapter 8, Chapter 14), Defense

Nina: heroine of Spring in Fialta

Orlovius: lawyer, acquaintance of Hermann and Lydia, Despair

Perov, Konstantin: poet of Georgian Nights, dubbed as "Russian Rimbaud", A Forgotten Poet

Person, Hugh: Protagonist of Transparent Things, copy-editor, markets the 'Person Pen', TT

Pilgram, Eleanor: compassionate wife of Paul, The Aurelian

Pilgram, Paul: "lepper", an Aurelian of the old, shop-keeper, The Aurelian

Pnin, Dr. Pavel: Pnin's father, an ophthalmologist, had treated in the past Leo Tolstoy and the "narrator" of Pnin, Pnin

Pnin, Timofey: Professor of Russian Literature, Pale Fire, Pnin

Pnin, Valeria: mother of Timofey Pnin, Pnin

Poore, Sam: President of Waindell College, in wheelchair, lost his sight, Pnin

Reich, Sarah: Dreyer's secretary at the office, KQK

Romanovich, Pavel: love-interest of Maria, A Slice of Life

Segur: art-collector, friend of Ferdinand, Spring in Fialta

Shade, Caroline nee Lukin: mother of John Shade, co-author of Birds of Mexico, PF

Shade, Hazel: Daughter of poet, John Shade, PF

Shade, John: poet-scholar, poet of Pale Fire, PF

Shade, Maud: painter, poet, aunt of John Shade, PF

Shade, Samuel: father of John Shade, vice-president of a firm dealing in surgical instruments, ornithologist, co-author of Birds of Mexico, PF

Shade, Sybil: John Shade's wife, translator, PF

Sheppard, Bill: Pnin's landlord, former superintendent of college grounds at Waindell, Pnin

Shigaev, Leonid Ivanovich: compiler of dictionary, beloved friend of Victor in In memory of L.I.Shigaev

Tal, Ilya Borisovich: company director, writer, Lips to Lips

Thayer, Roy and Margaret: Roy as Professor of English Literature, scribbles "cryptogrammic" verses in diary, Margaret his wife, works at the library, cousin of Joan Clements (see above), Pnin

Turati: has the final chess match with Luzhin adjourned, Luzhin composes an elaborate but ultimately unused "defense" against him, Defense

Valentinov: Luzhin's erstwhile manager, his "chess father", working on a movie by the end, Defense

Vane, Cynthia: spiritualist, painter, host of literary 'salons', older sister of Sybil, The Vane Sisters

Vane, Sybil: College-student, sister of Cynthia, The Vane Sisters

Vasiliy, Ivanovich: dreamer, protagonist of Cloud, Castle, Lake

Vasiliy, Nikolai: brother of Maria, A Slice of Life

Vasilevna, Maria: heroine of A Slice of Life

Veen, Adelaida (Ada): Lover of brother Ivan (Van) Veen, actress, explorer-naturalist, author, Adapassim

Veen, Lucinda (Lucette; Lucy): Consumed by her hopeless, tragic love for cousin Van Veen, Ada

Veen, Ivan (Van): "hero" and "villain" of the novel Ada, psychologist, author, philosopher, etc.

Victor: central character and proposed author of Spring in Fialta

Wind, Eric: psychotherapist, ex-husband of Liza, married to a Mr. Church,  Pnin

Wind, Victor: son of Eric and Liza Wind, prospective painter, has Pnin as his spiritual father, Pnin

Zographos, Van Veen schoolmate at Riverlane, Ada 33.14 (Pt1 Ch4), 146.11 (as "Zogdog") (Pt1 Ch23)