Registering to the website

To use most of this site, and even to contribute to and edit it, wiki-style, which we encourage you to do, you do not need to become a member of the International Vladimir Nabokov Society.

But to contribute questions, answers and information, and to edit, you do need to register an account on the site, which is free.

Please follow these instructions:

Bots have tried to infiltrate the site and have done so with increasing intensity and sophistication. The mechanisms we have put in place to contain the problem tend to work for a while and then get overwhelmed within a few weeks. In consequence of this ongoing (and escalating) problem, I ask all new registrants to do the following:


1.    Send a message with a request to register to


2.    The message should contain a full name, institutional affiliation, and (if you are not becoming a paying member), a favourite Nabokov novel or passage. The use of complete sentences is encouraged. The more ample expression of interest in Nabokov, the quicker the verification process.


3.    A login and password will be sent out to confirmed applicants shortlyThe password can be changed upon registration.


With thanks for your cooperation and looking forward to getting you registered to the site,

Dana Dragunoiu

General Editor of