Bibliography: On VN

Bibliography of all significant work so far identified on VN, critical, biographical, scientific and more, including theses as well as published material.

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Everyone, please add entries, following the conventions in place, and in the right sequence (by author surname, then title of work), and abstracts and evaluations.


Schuman, Samuel. Vladimir Nabokov: A Reference Guide. Boston: G.K. Hall, 1979: provides summaries of reviews and criticism to 1977, arranged chronologically.

BA (Bachelor of Arts) Theses wholly devoted to Nabokov

Doctoral Theses wholly devoted to Nabokov   Compiled by Zoran Kuzmanovich
Doctoral Theses devoted to Nabokov and X   Compiled by Zoran Kuzmanovich

Nabokovskii vestnik (The Nabokov Herald), Tables of Contents, with translations, vv. 1-6, 1998-2002. Translated by Stephen Blackwell.

V.V. Nabokov: pro et contra: a two-volume anthology of Nabokov texts (v. 1) and scholarship on Nabokov (v. 2). In Russian. Link leads to full contents and text of all articles (not hosted on The Nabokovian). 

A.S. Pushkin and V.V. Nabokov (in Russian). Proceedings of an international conference in 1999. Table of Contents in English (Russian coming).