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Misprint? (responses to query)
>Is this a misprint on page 276 of my Everyman's Library edition of PF?
>" ... as snug as my gemmed scepter, ruby necklace, and diamond-studded
crown in - - no matter, where."

The Vintage International reads this way as well, so I assume yours is
correct. (Btw, are the page numbers the same for all editions?) Were you

thinking that the comma before "where" was a misprint? It does seem odd,
if he were suddenly responding to a different stimulus, as we have
with "and damn that music."

Matt Roth

Dear Carolyn,

Putnam's 1st edition (1st impression 1962), Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1st
(3rd impression December 1962)and The Library of America all have
the same text. But I take your double dashes "- -" to be a substitute
the Shandyean longish dash. I have to admit that I don't see the

Abdel Bouazza.

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