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Call for Papers MLA New York 2018

I am seeking to post the following CFP announcement to the NABOKV-L listserve. This is for the non-guaranteed special session at next year's MLA, as approved by Zoran Kuzmanovich and currently listed on the MLA site ( The announcement below is an expanded version of the CFP with additional details. If possible, please post just the text of the CFP below (i.e., not this message requesting that might you do so!).

Many thanks,

Christopher A. Link
Associate Professor of English
SUNY New Paltz


CALL FOR PAPERS: Nabokov vs. Tyrants -- MLA 2018 (NYC)

The International Vladimir Nabokov Society invites papers on Nabokov's representations of—and resistance to—tyrants and tyranny, political or non-political, for a special session at the 2018 MLA Annual Meeting (New York, January 4-7). Papers treating the author's literary engagements against despots (real or fictional), demagogues, police states, fascists, Soviet oppression, Nazism, and/or totalitarian regimes (e.g., “Tyrants Destroyed,” Invitation to a Beheading, Bend Sinister, etc.) are especially welcomed, but the topic may also be conceived broadly in relation to his many works (e.g., Humbert's tyranny over Lolita, Kinbote's over Shade's poem in Pale Fire, the tyranny of Nabokovian narrators, etc.). Related topics and critical approaches—power, cruelty, madness, emigration, exile, combating prejudice and antisemitism, Rorty on Nabokov, Nafisi's Reading Lolita in Tehran, VN and Foucault, etc.—are also encouraged. Please send a brief abstract/proposal (up to 350 words) to Christopher Link ( by March 26, 2017.

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