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Re: Fw: [NABOKV-L] [Fwd: Re:PF and Parody--response to JF]
PS [to The ellaboration about the artist...developped by ... in which the confusion of intoxication is rendered by words ...And double tapers on the table dance...] I must have been carried away by verbal vapours while spelling.
Sorry (although "repeteating"in another posting was almost amusing).

J.Twiggs:"A passage that you and I seem to agree is less than first rate is the one that Gary Lipon quoted a few days ago and that Jansy mentions this morning as smacking of Rupert me the passage is good and bad in about the same way a Norman Rockwell painting is both good and would be right at home on a Hallmark card. It all but oozes sincerity, doesn't it?" ..." the novel is much more radical (more Nabokovian, you might say) than it would be if Shade were the rock that many readers take him to be..."

JM: I wasn't judging the qualities of the lines but, at that moment, the spark of sincerity in that most provincial of poets. However, Shade is neither rock nor rockwell ( btw: how did VN's comparison bt. Dali and Rockwell go?)
I think it was Jerry Friedman who questioned "oozy footstep" as a cruel assessment of Robert Frost by Shade/VN. I wonder if it was intentional (the ooze was needed to build up towards Hazel's swamp, as an image of dark greasy snow...)

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