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Re: [NABOKOV-L] Rabbits, Haze and Hase - and Rab'lais
Hi Jansy,

I usually don't respond to postings I don't agree with unless it is a matter
of facts.
Your assertion is very surprising indeed!
There is no synaesthesia at play here, only one's auditive faculty. Just a
matter of consonance: the only difference in the pronunciation of "Haze" and
"Hase" are the vowels, the "e" in the English word being silent, while in
the German one it is a "shwa", i.e. the French "e". The consonants H en Z en
S have similar sounds in both languages. Anyone could have made the
connection VN did.



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Subject: [NABOKV-L] [NABOKOV-L] Rabbits, Haze and Hase - and Rab'lais

Nabokov's association of "Haze" with "Hase" is very surprising.
The German word sounds very unlike the misty Irish one. VN's particular
synesthesia - related either to shapes and shades - must have been a
determining factor for this approximation - which, for anyone else, must
remain unfathomable.

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