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[NABOKOV-L] Artificial Paradises

Baudelaire's "Invitation au Voyage" inspired a painting by Henri Matisse (the title came from Baudelaire's lines on "luxe, calme e volupté", perhaps the same that describe, in ADA, Villa Venus and "volupty"). I append a reproduction of his vision which surprised me because of Matisse's hot colors that lurked in its rainbow-hues.
My dreamt-afterlife paradise is similar to tropical Rio's beaches all in blue, green and crystal radiance. Never orange and pink but "vair", perhaps like silly Flora's stereotypes: "She saw their travels in terms of adverts and a long talcum-white beach with the tropical breeze tossing the palms and her hair..."

Wilde, perhaps, admired "the orange awnings of southern summers" and the long "orange sunbursts" - like Matisse.
Shade alternated Flemish-infernal travels led by seraphs with "flamingo wings" and the greenish peripatetic talks in "cypress walks..." but IF (or IPH) sported no black yew ( like Plath) but alpine summits and a white fountain.
Van Veen's paradise was Ardis? With its rivers, underwater cities and orchids and Ada, Ada and childhood.
To each his particular paradise and not only a private hell??? Never before did I consciously entertain the image of colored paradises...

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