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50 Most Memorable Mums in the arts ...

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Mother's Day: 50 Most Memorable Mums in the arts
As Mother's Day approaches, we profile the 50 most memorable mums - the maternal icons who have left their mark on the world.

By Rupert Christiansen
Last Updated: 3:08PM GMT 20 Mar 2009

Depicted as the Madonna: The Virgin Mary Photo: GETTY

Barbara Royle

Marge Simpson
From religious iconography to film, TV and literature, from Marge Simpson to the Virgin Mary, mothers have always loomed large in our cultural lives. Our Mother's Day list of the finest matriarchal moments in the arts includes Mamma Mia and Mother Courage, but more suggestions would be welcome

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37 Charlotte Haze
The unfortunate suburban mother of Dolores, otherwise known as the original nymphet Lolita, whose 12-year-old charms enslave the susceptible Humbert Humbert in Nabokov's novel. He marries Charlotte in order to further his seduction, and he is only too happy when her hysteria after discovering his motive causes her to be run over.

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