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Re: The New Republic 1958 - Lolita review ...
Once again Sandy Klein sent a link to
with Clarence Brown's 1958 article ( A Little Girl Migrates) in The New Republic.
It was fun to read it all over again, ready for the eyes, after Nabokov's birthday homage offered the List the entire collection from TNR. I hope the present posting represents an invitation for further discussion (I confess I've been feeling a bit lonely in the List - like a clown delivering idle chatter atop a crate - I hope others will join in this time!).
I selected one of the opening paragraphs: "whenever we are faced with a thing that cannot be measured by the tools we have, we must invent others. Beckett's and Nabokov's rewriting of their own works in their other languages is a very special form of literary work, closely resembling but not identical with translation. The difference between these feats and ordinary translation...can only be surmised, but one suspects that it is like the little abyss between zero and one...Nabokov's own Russian Lolita (first drafted as a brief Russian sketch in wartime Paris) is in truth the same book, which we see now in one of its manifold dormant aspects, hitherto withheld by the author."
The words that caught my attention this time were "the same one of its manifold dormant aspects."
Nabokov's writings still hide a wealth of different "dormant aspects," which his commentators - now that he is no longer around to author their unfolding - are often daring enough to explore with greater or lesser success.
I cannot judge the quality of A. Sklyarenko's advertised achievement in relation to ADA, since it is kept in Russian and his plea might only reach a limited audience, but I hope someone can advise him about how to proceed.
There are digital-books obtainable after paying a fee: wouldn't this work for AS?

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