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"Lolita" review ...PS ( a correction)
JM :...there was an article about a fabulously rich doctor in Bahia state who bought virgins from poor parents to deflower them ( two thousand virgins, give or take one)...
Correction: the collector of virgins and incestuous grandfather/father's surname is not Brandão, as I set down, but Pereira. His adventures, now revealed, are not too different from other recently divulged cases all over the world.

Dr. Pereira's reasoning reminded me of the flabby professor, in VN's short-story "Revenge":
"I sometimes think," said the professor, ponderously shooting a cuff and examining his blunt fingers, "that, in the final analysis, my science is an idle illusion, that it is we who have invented the laws of physics, that anything-absolutely anything-can happen."
The professor then added: " Those who abandon themselves to such thoughts go mad," but, apparently, most people have been digesting these almost incredible unravelings about "humans," as well as the ones about shooting starcuffs, spiraling galaxies and string-theory.

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