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Re: Responses to Nabokov and Walt Disney (Duck Amuck)
Re: [NABOKV-L] Responses to Nabokov and Walt Disney (Duck Amuck)SKB:Matt: So glad you noted ...that Looney Tunes must not be confused with the generally inferior Disney cartoons[...] the bland-cute Walt! [...]I suspect that Nabokov preferred the bizarre, surreal, often CRUEL [!] Looney Tunes cast of characters (esp. Road Runner) in spite of occasionally politically-incorrect ethnic stereotypes...SES: Has our in-house Anagrammist suggested that your real target should be [Sir Philip] SIDNEY? [...] I reached out for my nearby well-thumbed copy of W V Quine's memoirs (The Time of My Life - An Autobiography) to confirm my recollection that Nabokov gets a mention. [...] It's no surprise that VN and WVQ were "acquainted" [...]but it throws little light on VN's choice of names.

JM: Bland-cute Walt? I've seen movies in which a valiant wood-cutter destroys the entire Canadian forests, his advance represented by a spreading shadow...There are others in which a bland Donald Duck drops pink-encapsulated atom-bombs (!!), after loosing a chemical warfare, to destroy two cute squirrels who stole apples from his bucolic plantation ( Disney Co.& his disguised pink-rightfulness... are in Arcadia too!).
I don't find in WD cartoons the gratuitous and very human "balance of repetitive destruction", as it is represented in Looney Tunes ( I wish I could formulate this better).

Jerry Friedman: I suspect you chose the word "axiom" carefully in classifying the statement that anything that can be said in one language can be said (possibly at much greater length) in another. After all, if a bilingual speaker says something can be said in one language but not another, only other speakers of the same two languages can argue, and then it's one person's word against the other's[...] Nims describes how at a dinner party a Japanese woman tried to explain to him why Basho's frog haiku is "the most celebrated of all haiku". After an hour she gave up: "But you'd have to live in Japan!" .

JM: A good point, JF, also the Japanese woman's. Stan, what is your position concerning metalanguages and an extraneous and shared linguistic space?

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