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unfinished book by Lolita author Vladimir Nabokov ...

NO. 290


4th January 2009

Collection reveals 'earthy' Burns

Romantic poet Robert Burns might have been a lot more earthy in real life. A collection of poems and letters, apparently penned by Burns, suggest that he might have contracted a sexually transmitted disease. The collection, discovered by a man who found them in his mother's home, is to go on sale next month, on the 250th anniversary of Burns' birth.
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An unfinished book by Lolita author Vladimir Nabokov is to be published next year, despite the author's dying request that it be burned. Nabokov's son Dmitri is behind the decision to release The Original of Laura, which was written while the author was in hospital before his death. "My father told me what his most important books were. He named Laura as one of them," said Dmitri. "One doesn't name a book one intends to destroy. He would have reacted in a sober and less dramatic way if he did not see death staring him in the face. He certainly would not have wanted it destroyed. He would have finished it."

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