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Giving up DEFENSE
S.K-B [to C.Kunin] before you drop us all list-wise on matters PaeleoFological, thanks for the "ride,"...I'm trying hard to recall where VN wrote "I've said all I have to say," to whom and about which topic. I expect many will rush to remind me [...] I think you'll agree that the list is entitled to carry on the eternal PF debate..
SK-B [ to N-List]..." we must ask if VN is deliberately (and brilliantly) poking fun at a sad, ageing campus expert-on-Pope with folie-de-grandeur, unable to match Pope's "heroic" couplets with any consistency [...] In the context of a drowning daughter, each word is so drowned in bathos as to be Nabokov at his "cruel best."....

JM: I'm unable to refer you to any Nabokov page but, by sheer coincidence, Freud used exactly the same words ( "I've said all I have to say") in one of his letters to Martha Bernays (btw:they were written in German).
I seem to recollect having encountered them again, and quite recently ( G.W.Bush on Guantánamo bay?).
I suppose this means that there's a truth lurking behind them (cf. VN's Law of Coincidences) or, to be more precise, three different kinds of truth.

Concerning our entitlement to an eternal debate on PF or "over tease-levels of Nabokovian discourse", all I can say is that I hope it shall be continued in heaven, before it becomes one beautiful straight line, of course.
[Cf. CK's note to line 810: "And if I had passed into that other land, whom would I have sought? ...Aristotle! - Ah, there would be a man to talk with! ... The crooked made straight. The Daedalian plan simplified by a look from above - smeared out as it were by the splotch of some master thumb that made the whole involuted, boggling thing one beautiful straight line."] *

* Obviously, my option, for the time being at least, favors John Shade's ( cf. PF,lines 220/24) "... Why/ Scorn a hereafter none can verify:/...the talks/With Socrates and Proust in cypress walks..." when the sweet drops of Lethe helped him stop worrying about Sybil and Hazel and Maud and fountains and Pale Fire and IPH and even his cruel best.

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