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QUERY: Conrad Brenner?
Dear list,
I am working on an essay about the prefaces Nabokov oorte to accompany the translations of his Russian novels into English.The preface for The Real Life of Sebastian Knight was written by Conrad Brenner. Could someone direct me to where I could find out more about Conrad Brenner. Initially I thought the preface was an allographic one and the critic a figment of imagination. Was I wrong?
Thank you!
Oana Zayic
Anchorage, AK

[EDNOTE. Brenner was no figment. Look in the Nabokv-L Archive (see link below) for details, especially a fascinating piece from last December about Brenner's work in a Greenwich Village bookshop and his own strong opinions about literature. You probably know Charles Nichol's essay on VN's forewords in Nabokov Studies 1; other critics (including myself and Alexander Dolinin) have recently discussed VN's later appraisals of his earlier Russian works as well. Good luck! -- SES.]

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