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Re: QUERY: Films in early VN
There's also Marina Grishakova's full monograph: The Models of Space, Time and Vision in V. Nabokov's Fiction: Narrative Strategies and Cultural Frames (Tartu, 2006).


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EDNote: the first stops are of course Alfed Appel's Nabokov's Dark Cinema and Barbara Wyllie's Nabokov at the Movies. If anyone has a handy partial bibliography of articles on film references in VN, I'm sure many would appreciate its posting here. My brief look at Zimmer and Edmund's Zembla bibliography offers the following as well:
Grishakova, Marina. "Dve zametki o V. Nabokove" [Two Notes on V. Nabokov: 1. Once Again on the "Nabokov and Shklovsky" Problem. 2. Nabokov and Cinema]. Trudy po russkoi i slavianskoi filologii. Literaturovedenie, Novaia seriia (Tartu: Tartu Ülikooli Kirjastus), 4, 2001.

Subject: [NABOKV-L] [Query] films in VN's novels
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Dear Nabokovians,
I was wondering if anyone has tried to trace the actual films featured in Mary, The Defense and Laughter in the Dark - what they may be if they are actual real-life movies? Any suggestions regarding critical essays on Nabokov and cinema that discuss these inserted films would be welcome... I am especially curious about the one in Mary.


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