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Re: THOUGHTS: stillicide
Giulia Visintin,

One of the surprising meanings for "Estilicídio" indicated "a cold in the head" ( runny nose and tearful eyes) which would fit my idea of Shade's frequent and subtle references to bodily functions ( as has been pointed out in the past, I'm not sure if by Jerry F. or other N-List participants, concerning stomachal pills and ills in the IPH chapter) disguised under more lofty themes.
You wrote "stillicidio" is used in figurative sense. Could you please exemplify?
Thank you. Jansy

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> I wonder if "stillicide" might be as "common" (?) in Spanish, in French or Italian...

For Italian, yes. Stillicidio is a word commonly used, often in figurative sense.

Giulia Visintin

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