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Re: darker thoughts on Disa in PF

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there does not seem to be a translation of Messenius' play about Queen Disa
into any of the languages I know; in fact, it seems it never has been
translated at all. So unfortunately I have not been able to have a look into it. It
is true that references to the Disa folklore are scarce in Swedish reference
works. That's why I almost gave up. However, there are lengthy articles on
her in at least two of the big old many-volume encyplopaedias. The longest one
I had translated for me. If need be, I could supply chapter and verse, but it
would require a trip to a special library.

Dear Dieter,

Many thanks for the offer, but I hope my curiosity will be answered, as I
have just ordered a copy of "Studier i Johannes Messenius dramer", a 316 page
study of his dramas by Hilding Lidell, published in 1935. I'm hoping it will
provide me with a reference to the original Disa Saga, if it exists. I
appreciate that Messenius's play was remarkably successful in its day, 1611.
However, again, I wonder whether VN's researches delved quite that far --- although
it has to be accepted that he was alluding to the name of the legendary
Queen, if not to the actual legend. Although, perhaps, he was familiar with the
legend after all.


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