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ANNOUNCEMENT: Ulbandus 10/2007 -- "My Nabokov" special issue
ULBANDUS, The Slavic Review of Columbia University

Number 10/2007: My Nabokov
Marijeta Bozovic, editor


Editor's Introduction
Marijeta Bozovic

Who is 'My Nabokov'?
Brian Boyd

Vladimir Nabokov: Two Poems
translated by John C. Wright

Nabokov vs. Casanova: An Affair of Honor
Valentina Izmirlieva

Reading Chernyshevskii in Tehran: Nabokov and Nafisi
Eric Naiman

Little Girl Lost: A Hebrew Translation of Lolita and Nabokov's Angry Ghost
Ari Lieberman

Self-Parasitism, Shared Roots, and Disembodied Meters within Nabokov's
Eugene Onegin Project
John C. Wright

Nabokov and Benjamin: A Late Modernist Response to History
Will Norman

Plaster, Marble, Canon: The Vindication of Nabokov in Post-Soviet Russia
Yuri Leving

How Did They Ever Make a Dance Work of Lolita? Vladimir Nabokov's
Novel in Motion
Laura Regensdorf

Insert: Photos
Svetlana Boym

Struggle for the Narrative: Nabokov and Kubrick's Collaboration on the
Lolita Screenplay
Julia Trubikhina

The Cybernetics of Nabokov's "Beneficence": An Anachronism
Ben Peters

Literary Bilingualism and Code-Switching in Nabokov's Ada
Rita Safariants

Talking Back to Nabokov: A Commentary on a Commentary
Rebecca Stanton


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