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Italics in PF index
First of all, thanks and admiration to Jerry for his thoughts
on teaching PF. I'm guessing he could stand in for me in my
lit courses a lot more capably than I could stand in for him
in physics.

James Ramey, in the article Jansy noted a while back, makes
much of the fact that some items in PF's index should be in
italics, but are not. Among these are "Hiding place," the page
number (810) for the Franklin Knight Lane item, and the "V." in
the Botkin item. I thought this interesting, esp. Ramey's
connection b/w the italics and Lane's "crooked made straight"
remark. (I do, however, think he's stretching it when he claims
that the crown jewels are hidden in the V.) Since reading
Ramey, I've noticed one more "mistake." In the item "Bretwit,
Oswin," Oswin isn't italicized, unlike all the other first names
in the index (except Botkin's V). Any thoughts on these
apparent errors? Given how fastidious VN was about typos, it's
hard to imagine him letting these slide.

Matthew Roth

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