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Fwd: Translation and Self-Translation
Dear Don,

Besides the polemical exchanges over Eugene Onegin, the entries in the
Garland Companion, and the books by Grayson and Beaujour, I was wondering
whether anyone on the list has come across any good scholarly analyses of
Nabokov's translation and self-translation (both theory and practice). Any
references would be greatly appreciated.

Nat Selleck

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Rosengrant, Roy Judson. Nabokov's Autobiography: Problems
of Translation and Style. Ph.D., 1984. ... - 9k - 2000-12-08
Joanne Trzeciak--""Visions and Revisions: N. as a Self-translating author" Jjust
completed Dssertation) at U. of Chicago and a lot more. See the ZEMBLA VN
bibliography and Dissertation Abstracts International.

I'm sure NABOKV-L subscribers will suggest others.
EDRESPONSE. Off the topof my head: