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Fw: Flatman, Nattochdag. See THE NABOKOOVIAN
EDNOTE. Mary Bellino is, inter alia, Assoc. Editor of NABOKOV STUDIES. Her
posting here calls attention to fact that the THE NABOKOVIAN, which members
of the International Vladimir Nabokov Society automatically receive twice
yearly, has an"Notes and Annotations" section going back 25 years. This
material is radically underused by scholars in part because its index (see
ZEMBLA) covers only about half of the journals lifetime. Two thoughts:
1) Join the Nabokov Society ($17 per annum) and get THE NABOKOVIAN. It
makes a great holiday gift. Contact IVNS Secretary/Treasurer Steve Parker at

2) Updating the Barabtarlo Index to THE NABOKOVIAN would be a good
project/term paper for anyone wanting to survey this treasure trove.

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> There is an article on Flatman and his poem by Ward Swinson
> in The Nabokovian 44 (Spring 2000) 7-20; it includes a
> discussion of Nabokov's sources. And the essay on Nattochdag
> mentioned in a recent post by Charles Harrison Wallace may
> be found in The Nabokovian 39 (Fall 1997) 17-24.
> Mary