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Query: Nabokovian Winter
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> Hello. I just sign the list. My fascination for how Nabokov threat winter
> in his novels and short stories never stops. Living in a snowy country
> you recognize the stunning beauty of winter described by VN. I got
> interested in an article written in 1993 named Latvia 1943 about Nabokov
> Poetry in occupied Russia. I wonder if there is a translation of the poem
> Winter"--"On the forest fringe the little firs...
> If someone knows of more poems or shorts stories like "Christmas" with
> wintry frames or themes I would really appreciate to know.
> Best regards
> Paer Axelson
> Stockholm
EDNOTE. Much of Nabokov's Russian and some of his English work is available
on-line. I quick "Search & Find" operation for "winter", "snow," etc will
provide a lot of data. I wonder if the 1994 article you mention is mine? It
appeared in THE NABOKOVIAN #32:17-19 (Spring 1994). It refers to the poem
you asked about. It appeared in VN's first book of poetry in 1916. There is
no English version so far as I know but the Russian may be included in the
new VN poetry volume edited by Masha Malikova.