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Just as a sidenote to those who patiently read the email threads awhile back about "Unitive Consciousness", I thought I'd update you with this news that that subject is going more and more "mainstream" as in the two conferences noted below. This is copied out of our Inter-spiritual Dialogue Newsletter (National Service Conference at the UN).

News Item 2. University of California Sponsors Discussion of "Unitive Consciousness".

This summer the University of California, Berkeley, sponsored a discussion among spiritual practicioners, psychotherapists, and psychiatrists of "Unitive Consciousness". The conference was called the "Conference on Non-Dual Wisdom and Psychotherapy". Key speakers were Leonard Jacobson, whose website is given below, along with some others speakers who had also appeared at a similar conference in La Jolla, California. These included Adyashanti (a Zen/Advaita teacher who is very revered by other eastern teachers), Douglas Harding (whose work in child psychology was featured in a previous LINKS Newsletter ), and Gangaji (one of the first people to be given permission to teach Advaitic [Hindu-related] Unitive Consciousness by Papaji, one of Ramana Maharshi's successors).

For more information about Leonard Jacobson and his work, visit his website at

thought this update might interest you six Nabophiles. I still owe one of you (Stephen) some things. I have been down with walking pneumonia (going on now for 16 days!)...not pleasant re: the experience of the body etc. but at least the antibiotics seems to finally be working! Hope you are all well!