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New in Zembla (fwd)
From: Jeff Edmunds <>

There have been several recent additions to Zembla

"Nabokov's Golliwoggs: Lodi Reads English 1899-1909" by D. Barton Johnson.
This essay, the first in Zembla to incorporate images as part of the text,
discusses the English reading habits of the young Nabokov and how imagery
from English children's books resurfaced years later in the Nabokov's own

"Nabokov in Ashland, Oregon: An Illustrated Guide" by D. Barton & Sheila
Golburgh Johnson. Nabokov and his wife spent part of the summer of 1953 in
the small, picturesque town of Ashland, Oregon. In this photo-essay, the
Johnsons return to N's Ashland home and haunts.

"IAsnost' bessiliia" by Andrey A. Babikov. The first piece in Russian to
appear in Zembla, this article is a critical appraisal of the work of
Russian Nabokov commentators Viktor Erofeev, Andrey Bitov, and Boris Nosik.

Also of interest: Thanks to the generosity of butterfly illustrator
extraordinaire William H. Howe, the on-line excerpts from Dieter E.
Zimmer's _Guide to Nabokov's Butterflies and Moths_ now include many superb
illustrations, with more on the way.

As always, I invite suggestions for future additions to the site. Thanks to
all of you who have contacted me with ideas.

Jeff Edmunds