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ANNC: Survey for Readers of Nabokov in the Soviet Union
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Subject: Survey for Readers of Nabokov in the Soviet Union
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2015 07:00:55 -0800
From: Ann Komaromi <a_komaromi@YAHOO.COM>

Dear Nabokovedy:

I am currently working on an article about Nabokov in samizdat and
tamizdat for a Cambridge companion to Nabokov, and I am trying to gather
the recollections of as many readers who saw Nabokov works in the Soviet
Union as possible. If any subscribers have or know someone who has such
recollections and would be willing to respond, I would be very grateful!
You can also be in touch with me off-list, at


My Questions for Readers of Nabokov in the Soviet Union (Russian follows):
When and where did you first see works by Nabokov?
What exactly did you see, that is, what was the name(s) of the work(s)
and in what format did you receive it (pre-revolutionary edition, émigré
or Western edition, samizdat typescript, photographic copy of an edition…)?
Where or from whom did you receive it?
If this was a samizdat translation or edition – whose was it?
What is your year of birth?
What were your first impressions of Nabokov’s works?

АНКЕТА: Первая встреча с Набоковым
Данные собираются ради статьи о произведениях Набокова в самиздате и
тамиздате для сборника в Кембридже.

Когда и где Вы впервые видели произвдения Набокова? Что именно Вы
видели, т.е. какое было название и в каком формате Вы его получили
(дореволюционное издание, западное издание, самиздатская машинопись,
фотографическая копия какого-то издания)? Откуда получили? Если это был
перевод в самиздате – то, чей? Какого года Вы рождения?

Какие были первые впечатления от произведения (-ий) Набокова?

Спасибо за внимание!
Анна Комароми

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