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Re: Minor points: Surnames and name days
The recollection of children playing among other games hide and seek on
Vladimir's name-day and forgetting about Peter who was still hiding and
therefore missed the picnic he was looking forward to is from VN's short
story "A Bad Day" (Obida, 1931) included in Details of a Sunset & Other


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Subject: Re: [NABOKV-L] Minor points: Surnames and name days

Jansy Mello: Your writing now follows Nabokov's stride in a way and so does
Carolyn's spray of associations, inspite of their unexpected aims.

I'm glad that SES posted your reply to her query. Pnin is Timofey. Saint
Vladimir's day is on July 15. Nabokov describes famous birthday parties, the
most memorable are Ada's picnics in Ardis. I don't remember VN's own
childhood festivities but I seem to recollect a cousin's when the kids
played hide and seek and forgot all about him. Rejection, boredom and
loneliness is also a part of any idyllic childhood, its dark contours

btw, inspite of innumerous inspired angles and photography, or the play
inside the play blending fictional reality and its representation, I
disliked enormously the recent production of Anna Karenina, directed by Joe
Wright. The real world of a novelist, at least its intelligibility, gains
consistency by details (caress them) and I missed them all, inspite of all
the luxurious lamps and trinkets.

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