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ANNC: round-table discussion of Morn in London on June 27th and
Dear Nabokovians,

further to my previous announcement about the dramatised readings of The Tragedy of Mister Morn
that will be taking place in London on the evenings of June 26th and June 27th at Pushkin House,
Bloomsbury Square, I can confirm that on June 27th at 5 PM there will also be a round-table discussion
of Morn, in which I'll be speaking with my co-translator, Anastasia Tolstoy, the director of the readings,
Holly Maples, and Lesley Chamberlain, the author, among other books, of The Philosophy Steamer,
which discussed the philosophical world of the emigres out of which Morn emerges:

As a reminder, the dramatised readings will take place at 7:30 on the evenings of June 26th and June 27th:

Thomas Karshan.

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