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Podvig/Glory: VN and Gumilyov
The original Russian title of VN's novel Glory is Podvig (1932). Pale
words (now forsaken) pobeda ("victory"), slava ("glory"), podvig
("exploit") resounded like a thunder, like Lord's voice in the
wilderness, in Gumilyov's soul. His poem I am courteous with modern
life... (1913) begins:

Я вежлив с жизнью современною,
Но между нами есть преграда,
Всё, что смешит её, надменную,
Моя единая отрада.

Победа, слава, подвиг — бледные
Слова, затерянные ныне,
Гремят в душе, как громы медные,
Как голос Господа в пустыне...

The author of "Романтические цветы" (The Romantic Flowers, 1903-07),
Nikolay Gumilyov was executed in 1921. The working title of Podvig
(whose hero has a floral name Martyn Edelweiss) was Romanticheskiy vek
("The Romantic Age"). The novel ends in Martyn crossing the border to
the Soviet Union and disappearing there.

Alexey Sklyarenko

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