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The Nabokovian is coordinated through the International Vladimir Nabokov Society, supported by the Vladimir Nabokov Literary Foundation, and maintained by many dedicated to Nabokov's work. Please use our forum to report issues or make suggestions about the website's operation. You can also use the contact form.

But do not use that to discuss or offer content. For that, we invite you to explore and to participate: in discussion; by providing News about your or others' work or forthcoming conferences; by offering favourite Nabokov quotations for the Quotations page; by offering information of any kind relevant to Nabokov's life, works, and legacy, including your name and details of your own Nabokovian work and interests on the Nabokovians page; by sending in a Note for peer reviewed publication or feedback to the many editors of particular sections. If you want to help editing the site, here are some notes to get you started.

Name and history

The name of the website honors the first Nabokov journal, The Nabokovian, founded in 1978, the year after Nabokov's death, by Stephen Jan Parker (Slavic, Kansas), a former student of Nabokov's at Cornell, one of the first to write a PhD on him, and a friend of the Nabokov family, especially Véra and Dmitri Nabokov. In the same year he also founded The Vladimir Nabokov Society, of which The Nabokovian was the offical journal.

The cover of The Nabokovian Number 73, Fall 2014, with Nabokov's 1969 drawing for Véra of the invented butterfly Paradisia radugaleta, an image that had adorned the cover of the Nabokovian since number 5
The Nabokovian, Number 73 (Fall 2014), showing the invented butterfly Paradisia radugaleta, which Nabokov had drawn for Véra for her sixty-seventh birthday, January 5, 1969. Stephen Jan Parker had first put it on the cover of the journal on Number 5, Fall 1980. 

Stephen Blackwell took over as editor of The Nabokovian in 2014. All issues of the print Nabokovian are available here to IVNS members, in pdf form and in online text of the core elements.  The IVNS decided to replace both the print journal and Nabokv-L, the electronic listserv discussion founded in 1993 by Don Barton Johnson (then in Russian at UCSB, now retired) with this website. For pre-website discussion on Nabokv-L, click here.

List of Contributors (by initials):

AN     Akiko Nakata, Prof., Nanzan University, akknkt@lilac.plala.or.jp. Annotations: Transparent Things.

AT      Anastasia Tolstoy, Dr, Wolfson College, Oxford, anastasia.tolstoy@wolfson.ox.ac.ukAnnotations: King, Queen, Knave.

BB     Brian Boyd, Prof., English and Drama, University of Auckland, b.boyd@auckland.ac.nz. AbbreviationsAnnotations: Ada, Speak, Memory; Chronology; Conferences; Past ConferencesNabokovian Back IssuesNabokoviansWebsites; web content design, text, and editing.

CK     Chloë Kitzinger, Russian, Rutgers University. Annotations: Lecture on Leo Tolstoy.

DD     Dana Dragunoiu, English, Carleton University, Ottawa, DanaDragunoiu@cunet.carleton.ca. Website general editor.

DK     Dmitry Kirsanov, Halifax. Website design, technical management and functionality. 

DR     David Rampton, Prof., English, University of Ottawa. Annotations: Strong Opinions.

SB     Stephen Blackwell, Prof., Russian, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, sblackwe@utk.edu. Legacy (and neglected) Russian secondary bibliography; old Nabokovian materials; Annotations: Glory; web content design, text, and editing.

SM    Steven Mihalik, steven.mihalik@gmail.com. Bibliography (secondary) in English.

TP      Tatiana Ponomareva, Director, Vladimir Nabokov Museum, St. Petersburg, tonegina@gmail.com. Russian secondary bibliography (new); Nabokov extended-family materials.

TW    Tadashi Wakashima, Prof., Kyoto University, tadashi@hcn.zaq.ne.jpAnnotations: The Defense.

ZK     Zoran Kuzmanovich, Prof., English and Media Studies, Davidson College. zokuzmanovich@davidson.edu. Annotations: Bend SinisterBibliography (Theses), Impact: Writers on VN, web content design, text, and editing.