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[NABOKOV-L} Tangential VN: Zaratustra's "O Mensch, gib acht."
Sorry that I only included the text in German. Here is a Wiki-translation of Zarathustra's Roundelay. which first appears in "Chapter 59: The Second Dance-Song." Then, in the second last chapter, "The Drunken Song", Zarathustra elaborates upon and explains his roundelay, revealing its connection to the Eternal Recurrence.There are a number of different English translations for "O Mensch, gib acht!": Thomas Common ( O man! Take heed! What saith deep midnight's voice indeed? ...); R.J.Hollingdale
O man! Attend!
What does deep midnight's voice contend?
'I slept my sleep,
'And now awake at dreaming's end:
'The world is deep,
'And deeper than day can comprehend.
'Deep is its woe,
'Joy-deeper than heart's agony:
'Woe says: Fade! Go!
'But all joy wants eternity,
'Wants deep, deep, deep eternity!'

This song is, apparently, totally unrelated to actress Iris Acht in PF, but Nietzsche, in connection to VN, is not - although seldom referred to in the List. So, even if only tangentially, here he comes!

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