Vladimir Nabokov

Shrayer, Maxim D. Sites and Sounds of Pomerania in Nabokov’s World. 2013

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Sites and Sounds of Pomerania in Nabokov’s World
Periodical or collection
Nabokov Online Journal
Periodical issue
v. 7
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The article focuses on the summer of 1927, when Vladimir and Véra Nabokov vacationed on the island of Rügen in Western Pomerania. It is believed that the impressions of those happy Baltic weeks left a trace in Nabokov’s second novel, King, Queen, Knave (1928), and also in the short story “Perfection” (1932). Researchers have not yet investigated, however, what Nabokov might have seen and learned while vacationing on Rügen, and how this visual and historical information contributed to his Russian and American works and his translations of his American works into Russian.