Vladimir Nabokov


AdaOnline, annotations to Ada maintained by Brian Boyd (English, Auckland). A work in progress in print (The Nabokovian) since 1993, currently complete up to Pt 1 Ch 40. Notes to later chapters are now added for member-access only on the Nabokovian website three times a year (1 April, 1 August, 1 December) and then integrated into AdaOnline after eight months.

Chercheurs Enchantés, the website of the lively French Vladimir Nabokov Society (Société Française Vladimir Nabokov), tries to make most of its content trilingual, in French, English, and Russian.

Fulmerford, a website devoted to Nabokov and maintained by Nabokov devotee, writer Juan Martinez (English, Northwestern University). 

Kobaltana, a website devoted to Nabokov and maintained by poet and Nabokovian Matthew Roth, Messiah College, Gresham, PA. 

Nabokov Bibliography, a website maintained by Michael Juliar, the author of Vladimir Nabokov: A Descriptive Bibliography (New York: Garland, 1986). Focuses only on primary works, and addresses both the academic and the book-collecting worlds.

Nabokov Museum, the website of the Nabokov Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia, in the home where Nabokov was born and lived until 1917.  

Nabokov Online Journal NOJ/NOZH, The Nabokov Online Journal is a multidisciplinary academic journal devoted to Nabokov studies, founded in 2007 by editor by Yuri Leving (Russian, Dalhousie). As a multilingual journal, NOJ publishes a balanced selection of English-, French-, German-, and Russian-language scholarship with the primary goal of bridging various branches of Nabokov studies in a dynamic and intellectually creative environment. The editorial board hopes to stimulate dialogue among international schools of thought, to offer a multilingual platform for discussion, to coordinate initiatives related to the field of Nabokov studies, and to provide a comprehensive bibliographic database.

Nabokov Society of Japan, website of the very active Nabokov Society of Japan, with both English and Japanese sections, and the newsletter and journal Krug, and ongoing annotations to Ada in the Kyoto Reading Circle, currently several chapters ahead of AdaOnline.

Nabokov Studies, the leading Nabokov journal, founded by Don Barton Johnson (then of Russian, UCSB, now retired) in 1994, edited since 1996 by Zoran Kuzmanovich (English, Davidson).

Nabokov's Whereabouts, a website built by Dieter Zimmer, the general editor of the German collected Nabokov works (24 volumes) and author of the most complete guide to Nabokov's moths and butterflies, a Lolita Chronology, and several key works about Nabokov's life . The site provides a textually detailed and richly illustrated chronological list of the places Nabokov lived in and travelled to throughout his life.

Nabokv-L, an electronic discussion group founded by Don Barton Johnson (then of Russian, UCSB, now retired) in 1993, and still searchable online, but now integrated into The Nabokovian.

Nabokov and Nympholepsy, a blog by Mo Ibrahim on the subject of Nabokov's treatment of nympholepsy.

Website Dieter E. Zimmer, the personal website of the general editor of the German collected Nabokov works (24 volumes), with much content in English (and some in German) on Nabokov, including the most complete guide to Nabokov's butterflies and moths, a Lolita Chronology, a Nabokov family genealogy, and much more.

Zembla, a Nabokov website formerly maintained by Jeff Edmunds of Penn State's Library, now archived at archive.org. Rich in materials such as lists of secondary bibliography by works (with Dieter E. Zimmer's bibliography as its base) until Jeff ceased to update it in 2009.