Vladimir Nabokov

Hamrit, Jacqueline

Jacqueline Hamrit studied both in France (University of Montpellier and University of Lille) and the United States (Mount Holyoke College and The University of California, Davis). She taught the English language and Anglo-Saxon literature at the University of Lille since 1991 when she was recruited as a professeur agrégée. Her dissertation was entitled “Boundaries and Limits in Vladimir Nabokov’s Works.” Her research interests focus on literature, literary theory and deconstruction, the relationship between literature and psychology, as well as literature and philosophy. She has presented papers on Nabokov and Derrida at numerous MLA conventions and international conferences on Nabokov, Derrida (at Los Angeles) and at the IAPL. She published numerous articles and essays on these writers in French and International journals such as Psyart, the Oxford Literary Review, etc. She is a member of the JD (Jacques Derrida) group which meets every year around a book by Derrida. She participated in the meetings which occurred in Brighton, Norwich, Limerick, Lille, and Copenhagen. She published a book entitled Authorship in Nabokov’s Prefaces in 2014 with Cambridge Scholars Publishing.