Vladimir Nabokov

Barabtarlo, Gennady

Barabtarlo, Gennady Alexandrovich (Gene, 1949-2019), Professor Emeritus of Russian Literature at the University of Missouri, Columbia, was a leading Nabokov scholar and the foremost translator of Nabokov into Russian in his time. He wrote a dissertation on the early Pasternak at the University of Moscow (1966-72) and taught and researched at the Pushkin Museum, Moscow (1970-78), before emigrating to the US. He wrote a PhD on Pnin at the University of Illinois (1985), which he turned into the book Phantom of Fact: A Guide to Nabokov's Pnin (Ann Arbor: Ardis, 1989). Among his other books on Nabokov are Aerial View: On Nabokov's Art and Metaphysics (Bern: Peter Lang), Sverkayushchiy obruch: O dvizhushchey sile u Nabokova (A Shimmering Hoop: On the Movement of Nabokov's Themes, St. Petersburg, Hyperion, 2003) and Sochinenie Nabokova (Nabokov's Composition, St. Petersburg: Ivan Limbakh, 2011). He edited a collection of Nabokov's dream-writings, Insomniac Dreams: Experiments with Time (Princeton UP), 2018. He has translated into Russian all Nabokov's English stories and three novels, including Pnin and The Original of Laura. He coedited with Charles Nicol A Small Alpine Form: Studies in Nabokov's Short Fiction (Garland, 1992). In emigration, he became a close friend of Nabokov's sister, Elena Sikorski, and of Véra and Dmitri Nabokov. He wrote poetry and fiction and was a chess master and a photographer.

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