Vladimir Nabokov

Anne-Marie Lafont

Anne-Marie Lafont has made the following scholarly and pedagogical contributions to the study of Nabokov:

2002: Participation in a colloquium of young researchers at Paris IV Sorbonne, «The role of gender in three Russian novels by Vladimir Nabokov».

2005: Participation in an International Congress in Berlin (VII World Congress of ICCEE Berlin, 25-30 July 2005); paper titled «La poétique de l'amour dans les romans Russes de Nabokov» posted on the Internet: “The Poetics of Love in Vladimir Nabokov’s Russian Novels,” Journal of Young Researchers in Literature, no. 2, 2007.

2009: « Feminine figure and erotic history in Vladimir Nabokov’s Russian novels», in L. Delage-Toriel and M. Manolescu (eds.), Kaleidoscopic Nabokov. Perspectives françaises, Paris, Michel Houdiard Publisher, 2009.

2013: Creation of a film based on the Nabokov’s novel King, Queen, Knave, with eleventh-grade students. Article in Nabokov and France, Strasbourg University Press, 2017.

2017: «Learn differently or how to adapt Vladimir Nabokov to high schools », in Yannicke Chupin, Agnès Edel-Roy, Monica Manolescu and Lara Delage-toriel (eds.), Vladimir Nabokov and France, Strasbourg University Press, 2017.

2018: Creation and direction of a film based on the novel Machenka with eleventh-grade students, presented in the presence of six students at the last Paris colloquium in June 2019.