Quotations Page

Submitted by Shakeeb_Arzoo on Thu, 01/31/2019 - 02:36

This is an issue, in which the Nabokovians have to weigh in on. I am talking of the Quotations Page under Resources (https://thenabokovian.org/quotations).

It has been greatly expanded and I have not even got to quoting works that are more famous and the ones more readily associated with Nabokov. Like Lolita, Pale Fire, Ada. The way it is developing, and the bulk of the quotations may or may not cause a Copyright concern. Brian Boyd had remarked (something along these lines) that the more the author's works have currency the more people will be tempted to read the entire work. If we are to progress in that spirit; I think some changes should be made to the formatting of that Page. Right now, it is just okay but it will not take much time to get bulky and unwieldy and people (even Professors and Students) visiting might easily get overwhelmed the amount of words. So, something in the lines of drop down list or select box can be introduced? Or say, something like you can view say 5-6 quotations and for the rest; you have to click on title heading.

Rest assured almost all of Nabokov's works will be quoted there (if we are to continue), all the novels and the specially remarkable short-stories. Then, perhaps the poems and even some from select plays. Essays have already been quoted and then there are some interviews. So you see the range.

So far, I have tried to maintain an ordering and sequencing in choosing the quotes, like passages gathering to a gradual crescendo and even some diminuendos. There are also some allegro non troppos, adagio sostenutos and allegro moderatos when read in toto, with rhythm.

So, please - right on top of my head, I would like to tag Dmitry Kirsanov, Dana Dragunoiu, Stephen Blackwell to this and (above) comment.