Vladimir Nabokov

IVNS Research Grants

Society Members IVNS-sponsored Grants for Research Projects on Vladimir Nabokov


This application process is for research projects: to request travel funding for research, please follow these directions and also download the zip file at the end for more information and a final report form, to be submitted after the research trip is completed. 

Applicants must be members of the IVNS .

Maximum amount per research project: $600.

Applicants must submit :

- the application form including a fully-costed budget;

- the following documents:

MA students

  • BA grade transcript (unofficial)
  • A recommendation letter from adviser

PhD candidates

  • MA grade transcript (unofficial)
  • A recommendation letter from adviser

Independent scholars

  • CV with detailed list of publications
  • A recommendation letter from a mid-career (or later) scholar

Applications should be filled out via web form by June 20, 2023; CVs, confidential recommendation letters and unofficial transcripts must be sent to ivns.grants@gmail.com by the same date.

Please note that the IVNS may decide to provide only partial funding of requested expenses.

Researchers whose application has been fully or partly approved by the IVNS should submit all relevant receipts detailing expenditure (e.g. flight or train tickets, accommodation) to the IVNS Treasurer for reimbursement. Unless otherwise agreed by the IVNS, all awarded funds must be used within 12 months of the date of award notification

Applicants must provide the IVNS with an activity report (conforming with the files below) within four weeks following the completion of the research activity. 

The documents required for guidance are all included in the zip file below.

Upload a file (e.g. PDF)