Vladimir Nabokov


Stephen Jan Parker (1939-2016), a student in VN's Masterpieces of European Literature course at Cornell in 1958, became one of the first to write a PhD on VN (on the Russian novels), also at Cornell. In the 1970s he visited and interviewed Nabokov in Montreux and increasingly became a friend of the family, especially of Dmitri Nabokov.

Brian Boyd (1952- ), University Distinguished Professor, English and Drama, Auckland, New Zealand, has worked on Nabokov since the early 1970s, as an annotator, archivist, bibliographer, biographer, critic, editor, and translator, and on documentary and photographic projects.

Dieter E. Zimmer (1934-2020) first wrote on Nabokov in 1959, and soon after became his most frequent translator into German. His 1963 bibliography of Nabokov, based on Véra Nabokov's material, became the basis for all subsequent Nabokov primary bibliography. He interviewed Nabokov more than once for German media. He was a journalist for Die Zeit, becoming editor of its feuilleton, and one of the leading postwar essayists in  German, focusing especially on the subjects of language, science, and technology.