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Anya v Strane Chudes, Alice Hargreave's copy, up for auction

By carolynkunin, 26 November, 2023

Alice Hargreave's own copy of Sirin's 1923 translation of Alice in Wonderland with delightful illustrations by S.V. Zalshupin will be auctioned by Potter & Potter this Thursday, November 30. It is expected to fetch between $10,000-$15,000. A full description of Lot 82  can be found at https://auctions.potterauctions.com/Catalog.aspx?auctionid=1168, complete with bizarre conjectures concerning change of name from Alice to Anya.

It does however raise the interesting question of why Sirin made the name change - any ideas?

Alexey Sklyarenko

7 months 2 weeks ago

нагнетали истерику

вот и смыло Америку

бедняги Джо Байдена

тело не найдено


To a Russian year, the name Alisa sounds (or, at least, used to sound until quite recently) rather outlandish. Besides, it is associated with the poor wife of poor Nicholas II. That's why VN changed it to more familiar Anya.


I hope you have pardoned me the innocent joke about poor old Joe:)