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The sun rises... in the west?

Everyone who hasn't thought about it should take a look at the end of Pnin, where Jonathan Rowan has identified (with the help of a Lombardy poplar) the sun's strange trick of rising in the west on the novel's final morning. Read more

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The latest "Classic" is Gene Barabtarlo's "Vanessa Atalanta" from the fall of 1984 (submitted by Priscilla Meyer):

Vanessa Atalanta                                                                             

In his notes to line 347 of Shade's Pale Fire Prof. Kinbote quotes "the jumble of broken words and meaningless syllables" which is supposed to encode a message from Aunt Maud's spirit (in the "Old Barn" episode). The transcription goes . . . Read more

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First toothwort whites of 2024, March 17, Great Smoky Mountains


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