Vladimir Nabokov

Pale Fire - Scholarship Suggestions Sought

By lawrebas, 24 November, 2020

I’m wanting to find recent scholarship that builds on Boyd’s Nabokov's Pale Fire and James Ramey’s discoveries in his ‘Brown MacIntosh’ and ‘Black Crown’ papers.

Thank you.


3 years 4 months ago

Are you looking for work that specifically has to do with these two men, or more generally on Pale Fire? You can find Boyd's early ListServe discussion ideas on the Forum here. There was also a recent discussion on the role of misprints in PF (search "misprints" in the search function above).


More generally, you can search the archives on this site for discussion (Forum) or (under "Resouces") The Nabokovian: Print and Online, or The Nabokovian: Notes. The Nabokov Online Journal (http://www.nabokovonline.com/) has recent papers.


Good luck, Mary


3 years 4 months ago

I find Boy's theory that Hazel and her father are influencing Kinbote from beyond the grave most useful when thinking about the book, and I'm hoping that other scholars will have built on his work; as well as Ramey's discovery of the queen's crown on the first edition's title page -- I'd love someone to demonstrate how to get from the Foreword/Commentary/Index to that crown . . .