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Re: reflected sky, even & odd in PF
On 3/24/17, Alexey Sklyarenko <> wrote:
> At the beginning of his poem Pale Fire John Shade (one of the three main
> characters in VN’s novel Pale Fire, 1962) compares himself to the shadow of
> the waxwing and mentions the reflected sky:
> I was the shadow of the waxwing slain
> By the false azure in the windowpane
> I was the smudge of ashen fluff--and I
> Lived on, flew on, in the reflected sky (ll. 1-4)

I did wonder, why waxwing? why that particular bird?

It turns out that waxwings are known for that.

Spring Is in the Air and So Are Intoxicated Birds | Audubon
2011/03/02 - Cedar waxwings and robins are most likely to gorge on
fermented blackberries, pyracantha or juniper berries ... Tipsy birds
may be more likely to smash into windows, so consider putting decals
on the large reflective surfaces.

2012/05/25 - Flocks of cedar waxwings died en masse outside Los
Angeles after overdoing it on berries from the Brazilian pepper tree.

I was reading a trivia book, and found this. HH

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