Nabokov's Eugene Onegin translation: cheap edition

Princeton University Press has issued a cheap ($17.95, cheap by Princeton standards) paperback of volume 1 of the revised (1975) Nabokov translation of Pushkin's Eugene Onegin, in their new Princeton Classics series, aimed at students; pagination, except for the front matter, remains the same as in previous editions. There is a new foreword by me. I suggested to Princeton that volume 1 needed the contents of the original volumes 2 and 3 with it (as in Princeton's more expensive two-volume edition, volume 2 of which, containing volumes 2, most of 3, and the index, has a list price of $67.50) but Princeton is not planning to reissue this in a cheap format. Still, for students the Princeton Classics edition is indeed an affordable version of the bare translation. Interesting that both the most expensive (see News of June 18) and the cheapest versions of Eugene Onegin should appear in the same season.