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Election Results for IVNS Vice-President

Submitted by dana_dragunoiu on Thu, 02/03/2022 - 07:47

From outgoing President of IVNS, Lara Delage-Toriel:

The Board of Directors of the International Vladimir Nabokov Society having submitted two candidates, Marie Bouchet and Matthew Roth, for the position of Vice President, and the members of the Society having now voted, it is Marie Bouchet who has become the Vice President of the International Vladimir Nabokov Society. She will serve as Siggy Frank's Vice President from 2022 to 2024 before becoming President from 2024 to 2026. The IVNS Board of Directors extends its heartfelt thanks to both candidates for agreeing to stand and for serving the Nabokov community.


Seminar on Nabokov's "Lance" with Olga Voronina, January 27

Submitted by dana_dragunoiu on Mon, 01/24/2022 - 10:01

Дорогие друзья, приглашаем вас на очередной Набоковский семинар 27 января в 20 часов.  Тема семинара:   «Возвращение Ланса: космический «ход коня» в последнем рассказе Набокова».   Основной докладчик семинара - Ольга Воронина (Литературный фонд Владимира Набокова, США), участник семинара -  Ольга Сконечная (Исследовательский центр EUR'ORBEM, Париж-Сорбонна, Франция).