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Re: Red dogs
Alexey Sklyarenko:The last thing Van thinks of before he falls asleep and has his dream of floramors is a red dog: Through rain forests and mountain canyons and other fascinating places (oh, name them! Can't - falling asleep), the room moved as slowly as fifteen miles per hour but across desertorum or agricultural drearies it attained seventy, ninety-seven night-nine, one hund, red dog - (2.2) Bazarov, the hero of Turgenev's "Отцы и дети" ("Fathers and Sons," 1861), sees red dogs in his death-bed delirium...

JM: I was hoping that Bazarov counted until one hundred...Nabokov remembered the German for dog (Hund), but there was no way to avoid getting it readily made with a red coat (hund-red). This suggests that any literary associations with "red" ( "Red Veen") would probably not have been deliberate.

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