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Re: Golliwogs and Nabokov
When it comes to Golliwoggs, Jansy, there is, of course, also the delightful
"Nabokov's Golliwoggs" by D. Barton Johnson on Zembla:



>>In the n. 5 issue of the Magazine "Serrote" (July,2010) there's an article
by W.G.Sebald, written in memory of Robert Walser. While I was leafing
through it today I came across another reference to Nabokov by Sebald and
this one came with a long quote, but there was no footnote nor any
elucidative reference in sight.

Sebald informs that Nabokov, as a child, was extremely fond of reading the
adventures of Golliwogg and his friends. He remembers that Nabokov once
described a scene in which an aircraft is built out of strands of yellow
silk with a small independent balloon attached to it for his thumb-sized
friend. "In the immense altitude that was reached by the aircraft to get
warmer the aeronauts bundled themselves against each other, while the small
lonely "Thumbs", whom I envied inspite of the dire straits he found hiumself
in, was lost in an abyss of stars and ice." (I re-translated it from the
translation in Portugese, sorry!). Sebald's article ends with this quote.<<

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