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[NABOKOV-L] [TRIVIA] Ramsdale and a road sign to cities in fiction
Absently staring at the Nicki-channel for "Sponge Bob" and "Fairly Good Parents," I had the impression I saw "Ramsdale" and a road-sign indicating "Nabokovia." Although in this cartoon there are citations of Stallone, Schwarznegger and George Bush, I must have dreamed the whole episode - for I got nowhere in my search.

Clicking on "Ramsdale" there are other items that might interest the List participants on a Sunday mood. Here they are:

1. Liste de villes de fiction- Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre:
Une ville de fiction ou ville imaginaire est une ville qui n'existe pas dans le monde réel, où se déroule l'action d'une ouvre de fiction. La ville n'existe donc pas en dehors de l'imagination des auteurs, lecteurs, participants au jeu, et autres usagers de ladite ouvre. Ceux-ci replacent parfois cette ville ou ce lieu dans une géographie précise et réelle afin de crédibiliser la ville et de profiter de certains lieux communs ou certaines caractéristiques géographiques (météo, lieux environnants, habitants, faune, flore, etc.).
Agatuk...Alphaville...Amity...Arlen...Balbec...Blue Valley...Brownsville...Calumet City...Célesteville...Cocorico...Desperation...Dictionopolis...Dogville...Edge City...Fairview...Fish City...Gnisis...Gotham City..Hound Dog City...Incognito-City...Jefferson...Kingsbridge...Lawndale...Locus Solus......Macondo...Metropolis...New Babylon...Opar...Peyton Place...Quiquendone...Ramsdale.. Ravenholm...Smallville...St Loo...Teirm...Tranquility Lane...Undercity...Varna...Vice City...Xanadu...Zerba

2. Miranda - N°3 - "Putting the geography of the United States into ... - 26 Nov 2010 - Even if the name of towns are fictive in Kubrick's Lolita as there is no such place as Ramsdale, NH, in the United States, what matters is the .. Zachary BAQUE - Maitre de conférences - Université Toulouse 2-Le Mirail :The purpose of this paper is to analyze the representation of America as seen by a European in Kubrick's Lolita. The movie is understood as a fictionalized travelogue where Humbert Humbert is the great organizer whose point of view channels the representation of America and determines the way actors incarnate characters. Despite claims that the movie does not render visually the travels of Humbert and Lolita through the United States, Kubrick anchors his fiction in a determinate setting. The three levels of American space (poetic, realist, and metafictional) help us to understand Humbert's ironic stance on American culture and his feeling of estrangement in a sex-crazed America.

3. Lolita, USA - Index page - There are fifteen imaginary towns in the novel: Ramsdale, Parkington, Climax, .... Whenever one encounters some weird place in his fiction it is safer to assume it ...

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