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Re: VN Audio books
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> I've been hoping that someday VN would show up on audio like Lolita
> and Speak, Memory and the handful of poems and now I see that
> Enchanter and Mary are scheduled for release on audio later this
> month, the 20th and 28th. I look forward to them and hope they have a
> good narrator. This may be heresy to those who think VN or any lit
> should only be read, but I've found that over the years listening to
> hundreds of books while working etc., that certain works get another
> dimension revealed and sometimes, with Moby Dick for example, where a
> narrator pauses or emphasizes can make one see something in a totally
> different way, and the best narrators give unique voices to each
> character. Just my two cents worth, but I hope this means a whole new
> exposure for VN and his work and I hope everything is eventually
> narrated. Reading and listening to VN can only be the best of both
> worlds.
> I hope Dmitri has overseen this project and made sure the narrators
> are good. A good one creates a movie in my head, a bad one can ruin
> beautiful writing.

Wouldn't it have been great if Christopher Plummer had signed on? I have
that video in which he plays VN giving a Cornell lecture on Kafka (it is
Kafka, right?).

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